Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Therapy Session With Walt Disney's the deal. I love Disney. Like, I seriously love it. Wanna know why?
It's theuraputic.
I seriously believe that. On Tuesday, I watched Mulan and Hercules, the two best Disney movies ever made. And after the pressures of everyday life, it's so nice to just return to my childhood days and watch the shows that, in a way, make me who I am.
I know, it sounds cheesy. But let's be honest here. Disney was my childhood. I wanted to be strong like Mulan, sassy like Jasmine, smart like Belle...not to mention have a handsome prince to sweep me off my feet. What little girl doesn't wish that?
So what's the point, you ask? The point is that you don't always have to be Superman. You don't always have to be perfect. It's hard...and WAY stressful! Forget that. Wanna know my some of my favorite stress relievers?
Eat ice cream.
Watch Disney movies.
Swing on a swingset.
Sing at the top of your lungs.
Play with little kids.
And lots, lots more.
Relax. Have fun. Don't sweat the small stuff. And most of all, just enjoy life. :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Looking for Refuge?

So here's the thing: spending your day at the temple is absolutely marvelous.
Nope, not kidding. I was at various temples, or driving to them, for several hours today. I visited 3 different temples with some wonderful girls.
Some people worry that when you visit several temples in one day, you miss the point of going to the temple. You start to focus on the number of temples you can go to instead of feeling the Spirit. However, I didn't have that problem. Each temple we visited was it's own uniquely beautiful, soul-cleansing experience. President Gordon B. Hinckley says that each time we visit the temple, we leave a better person. THIS IS TRUE. The temple strengthens you and helps you to be strong in the gospel.
Moral of the story: the temple is incredible. It's a sanctuary, which is defined in Webster's Dictionary as "a refuge for wildlife where predators are controlled and hunting is illegal". Sounds weird, I know. But seriously--predators (Satan) are controlled and hunting (Satan trying to pull you down) is illegal. It can't happen! Go as much as you can. You will become a better person. :)