Thursday, October 11, 2012


If there's one thing I've learned from college, it's that people say the darndest things. I think I've heard more hilarious things at BYU than I have anywhere in  my life...except maybe AP Stats. So today, in an attempt to make you smile, I'm posting some of the funny things I've heard in my month and a half at college.  
“I’ll do Ryan Lochte’s tattoo…this is a new one I found today.” –Shawntel

“Our ceiling carpet is squeaky.” –Shawntel

“Let’s go creeptastic all over the place!” –Hayden

(Directed at myself) "Sometimes, you’re a good replacement for a boyfriend. You’re warm, you text me, you cook…” –Margo

“Oh, my hormones!” –Amy

“I want to grab a random guy off of the street and make out with him.” –Amy

“Nothing’s better than cuddling. It’s like kissing with your body.” –Amy

“It’s Kathy’s cake?!!!” –Chelsea

“I didn’t know my hair was long enough to whip her face!” –Chelsea

“Why are you asking me about church when there’s a boy involved?!” –Martha

“I think you two should just get together.” “But it’s almost curfew…” –Emily and Martha

“Have I married anyone yet?” –Emily

“Once he gets married, he’ll be fine.” –Anonymous

“I want to be blind. Not really, I just think it would be cool to learn sign language.” –Margo

“Am I in the lust stage?” –Tyler

“This song is so angry. I love it!” –Martha

“That makes more senseful.” –Margo

“I love when people wear…bananas.” –Jeanine

“That’s what you get for leaving your bum in the doorway.” –Shawntel

“I didn’t say spooning, I said playing spoons!” –Margo

“If you’re going to be fat, you might as well do it right…” -Audrey

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