Thursday, November 22, 2012

Christmas Music

Warning: the following contains a long-contained rant. It may or may not be worth your time.
What is up with the hype over Christmas music? Seriously, people. I listen to Christmas music year round--whenever I happen to be in the mood. What in the world is wrong with listening to music about our Savior? With listening to music that reminds us of the joy of the Christmas season? This isn't a bad thing, folks.
I understand that many people are concerned over the loss of Thanksgiving spirit. This is a real concern and quite frankly, maybe Thanksgiving is overlooked. But for me, Thanksgiving is like a preview for Christmas. People are reminded of the thanks they should be giving year round, which leads to a remembrance of the spirit we should have with us year round. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!
The whole point of Christmas music is to get you in the holiday spirit. It helps you remember the best part in each of us--the part where we love and accept others, where we help and serve and give, because that's what our Savior would do. This contention over Christmas music is completely contradictory to what it's trying to accomplish.
So please, back off of my Christmas music. I'm going to listen whether you like it or not--before Thanksgiving, after Thanksgiving, and the rest of the year, too. Don't waste your breath telling me otherwise.

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  1. I LOVE THIS. And I completely agree. Christmas music is as good in December as it is in November and it's even good in the middle of July. It is always happy wonderful music all year round. I am so glad we understand this. :)