Thursday, December 6, 2012


I went to Maceys last night, grabbed my food, and went to the register. The cashier looked at me (in my pajamas), looked at my food (chips, popcorn, ice cream, and frozen pizza), and said, "Well, you've got the essentials."

Don't judge me, buddy. It's finals week.

I always believed my friends when they told the horror stories about finals. I really did. It's just...well, you never really understand until you're living through it. Yesterday, my brain shut down. All I wanted to do was watch a movie. So yes, I went to Redbox and Maceys and had a movie night with some friends. And then crammed in a final paper in beween classes this morning. Was it smart? Not really. Was my best night ever? Nope. But man, I will always love The Amazing Spider-Man, if only because it saved my sanity for a night.

To give you high school students an idea of what finals week is like: imagine studying for 6 AP tests, while still doing homework, papers, and studying for said AP tests. Then throw a part-time job in there. Oh, let's not forget about end-of-semester cleaning checks. Then, just for kicks and giggles, let's add a church calling and a social life, and you've got the average college student's life right about now.

In Sociology, we're talking about roles. Role conflict is when a person has two or more conflicting roles. For example, you can be a student and a friend. When faced with the decision of studying or watching a movie with friends, which do you choose? That, my friends, is the choice that college students make everyday. But you know what, that isn't a bad thing. We choose it, and we love it. Some days. Others, not so much. But for all of our complaining, we love it. I love it. College is wonderful. It's just that, right now, prayers would be much appreciated.

Have I scared you yet? Good. :) Just kidding. But seriously, don't stress. College is hard, yeah. But life is meant to be hard. We all have our own kinds of challenges at certain points in our lives, and finals are only a week long. To be honest, they're really not even that bad, not if you've studied. Plus, there's a light at the end of the tunnel--I go home in a week, and I'll be there for 3 weeks! It'll be grand. :)

I love you all! Good luck to everybody who has crazy end-of-semester stuff! :)

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