Sunday, March 3, 2013


The gospel won't always make you happy.
Now, before you start crying blaspheme, hold on. Think about it. You don't magically become happy after the death of a loved one because of the plan of salvation. You don't automatically smile when a friend turns their back on you because you know that there's more to life. There is sadness in this world. The gospel doesn't erase that.
What the gospel brings is peace. Everlasting, perfect, wonderful peace. I testify to you that peace can come even in the middle of your darkest hour, and that peace comes through the power and the majesty of the gospel. Ephesians 2:14 states that Christ "is our peace". I testify that Christ is our peace. He is our joy. His way is the way in which we can come to live with our Heavenly Father, and our loved ones, again.
Your happily ever after will come. President Dieter F. Uchtdorf has said that, "Your "once upon a time" is now." I've learned that I'm not always going to be happy, but I can always be at peace if I stay close to the Lord. It is my hope and my prayer that my efforts in this life will enable me to look my Father in the eye and say, "I have done the best I can." I testify to you that the gospel of Jesus Christ can bring you peace in a world full of darkness and turmoil. He can be a light in your life if you will let him.
Let Him bring you peace.

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  1. Nicole, understanding THIS truth will make the rest of your life SO MUCH easier to deal with. And so many of us have to wait a lot longer than 19ish to figure it all out. Good for you, girl! I always knew you were ahead of the curve. ;)